With your Initial Swing Evaluation: A Fact-Based 2-Hour Swing and Ball Striking Assessment Session

Before you can go anywhere you must first have a sound knowledge of where you are today. It begins with an interview about the current state of your game. The first thing, we need to answer are these questions:

  • What is your golf history? What are your physical limitations?
  • What is the current state of your game?  
  • What’s your ball flight? Curvature? Contact? Consistency?
  • What are your long-term goals with your golf game?

Next, a high-speed video will be taken of your swing using V1 video analysis software, high-speedvideos will be taken of your swing from a caddie view (face-on) and DTL (down the line). Comparisons will be made with a chosen model using the P-system (10-swing positions) for comparative purposes.

Finally, a Trackman Assessment of your ball/club data is taken. TrackMan is an endeavor into the world of high tech, TrackMan 4 answers one of Golf’s most important issues “What is your club doing at the moment of impact?” TrackMan is a premium diagnostic evaluation that provides you an objective assessment of the performance of your swing. Using dual doppler radar technology, one radar tracks the ball and the other tracks your club. We will know your club path, clubface in relationship to path, angle of attack, clubhead speed, spin axis, launch angle, accuracy to target, carry distance, total distance, & spin rates. TrackMan is used daily by over 90% of PGA Tour players. Players from the LPGA, Champions Tour, European Tour and other Tours throughout the world use TrackMan as well.

After a review of the Video& TrackMan data, Bob will provide a clear explanation of what needs to improve and why. Bob will then show you how to make improvements using specific drills and training aids and how to practice for lasting improvement.

Remember, the golf swing is a feel and not a thought.

Together with your coach Bob Grissett, you’ll gain a better understanding of what is happening when your club meets the ball.

Lastly, a summary and demonstration of the key points and all pertinent information along with the initial analysis will be put into your personal online locker, which can be accessed from any computer or smart phone orif you prefer all information can be emailed to you, or sent to WhatsApp. Armed with this information, Bob will recommend a Game-Plan or Lesson-Plan to meet your goals.You’ll take-home real-world information that aligns with your goals and intentions.


2-HOUR Fact-Based Swing Evaluation: A Swing and Ball Striking Assessment with Bob Grissett


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