With an Assessment: Swing and Ball Striking Evaluation

Your Assessment: Swing and Ball Striking Evaluation is a 60-minute introductory lesson

Before you can go anywhere you must first have a sound knowledge of where you are today. With respect to playing better golf this means completing a comprehensive game, swing and physical Evaluation. Your 1st session is your Assessment: Swing and Ball Striking Evaluation.

Evaluation Procedure:

First thing, we need to answer these questions:

  • What is your golf history? What are your physical limitations?
  • What is the current state of your game? 
  • What’s your ball flight? Curvature? Contact? Consistency?
  • What are your long-term goals with your golf game?

Next, a high-speed video will be taken of your swing and after a review of the video, I will provide a clear explanation of what needs to improve. I will then show you how to make improvements using specific drills and training aids. At the end of the Assessment: Swing & Ball Striking Evaluation a summary and demonstration of the key points will be recorded by the instructor and all this information along with the initial analysis will be put into your personal online locker, which can be accessed from any computer or smart phone. Armed with this information, Bob will recommend a Game-Plan or Lesson-Plan to meet your goals.

Assessment: Swing and Ball Striking Evaluation ADULTS $150 / JUNIORS HALF-HOUR $125

60 Minute Fact-Based Assessment: Swing and Ball Striking Evaluation with Cinchai ‘Cheech’ Chuvichien