The Rotator was originally developed by a physical therapist to help patients who had undergone rotator cuff or shoulder surgery. It was designed to increase motion&mobility. A Korean Golf Coach & Movement Specialist Mr, CH Kim brought its applications into the Golf instruction industry.

Newton's first law states that, in general, an object at rest stays in rest, while an object in motion stays in motion . This is also known as inertia and definitely applies to the human body and human motion. The study of human motion is a branch of biomechanics known as kinematics. The golf swing is nothing more then a motor pattern consisting of coordinationing a bunch of human parts into one cohesive movement.

As such, The Rotators application to the Golf Swing is profound. When I first saw The Rotator in use, with Mr. Kim’s students, I knew immediately it could benefit all golfers, instructors and coaches. The golf swing is a feel and not a thought. I’m always looking for a Drill and/or Training Aids or a combination of both to aid the student in acquiring the correct feel the fastest way possible.


On the backswing it aids in opening the rear Scapula, externally rotating the rear shoulder& forearm, pushing the rear hip socket back & up and extending the thoracic spine while aiding in maintaining a stable hub. All of these elements are critical to make a repeatable and effective backswing. On the forward swing the opposite occurs in the follow through with the front hip & shoulder. Learning to push the lead hip socket back & up is a master move in the impact interval. The Rotator protocols aid in orbiting of the arms and creating the depth you need. You train both sides, therear arm on the back and the lead arm on the forward swing. In additiontraining the correct hip motions is key, so there are hip protocols as well.

Use it Right or Left handed. You use it for both sides regardless of which side of the ball you stand on.

The Rotator training motions will help you like nothing I’ve ever seen. It’s a game changer.

Every golf coach/instructor/teacher and every player who wants to improve will benefit. Change your game –achieve better ball striking and more distance. Get yours today.


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  • • anywhere in the continental USA are $95.00 (including S&H) or buy 2 for $160.00
  • • International is $155.00 (including S&H) or buy 2 for $225

Unleash your Potential with The Rotator.

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