This is where your game improvement begins!


I have two very simple goals: make instruction a positive experience and ensure students leave better than when they arrived. I work tirelessly to make our time together informative and fun. At Bob Grissett Golf, there’s no “one size fits all” approach; it’s entirely about you. Knowing and understanding your golf swing is our passion and our promise.

Foster a Relationship

I want to have a relationship with my students. What happens off the course very often impacts what happens on the course. We want to understand who our students are as people and athletes, how they learn best, and what their goals for golf and life are.

Develop a Custom Plan

When I know my students and what their goals are, I can develop a tailored plan for improvement and success. I don’t give golf lessons, I provide coaching. I want to identify areas of improvement and continually work together toward those goals.

Reinforce Instruction

Part of my coaching is to teach you how to practice and not just beat balls. To make you understand the golf swing is a feel and not a thought. Changing your swing for the better is not the result of some ‘magical tip’, it’s not a quick-fix band-aid solution. Quick-fixes don’t last & band-aids fall off. There is no ‘magical-potion’, no ‘witches-brew’.

Legendary basketball coach John Wooden famously said, “practice doesn’t make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect”. My Game-Plans are the key to your improvement. They are made-up of both lessons & supervised practice – real-coaching at work.

The #1 goal is to help you take it from the range to the golf course. Anyone can stand on a range and hit good shots, but can you hit those same shots when you’re on the course? On a range there are no penalties of failure, no bunkers, water, trees, or out-of-bounds stakes and most importantly NO SCORE. Ideally, at some point, our instruction needs to go off the range and onto the course, and as much as possible, to reinforce what we’re teaching you.

To start call me or submit your contact information and tell me all about your game, your ball-striking issues, your short-game problems, what bothers you most about your game, and the goals you are trying to accomplish. We will then discuss your FIRST STEP an Assessment or Swing & Ball Striking Evaluation - the first step to lasting improvement! 

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